Welcome to GoRomeo

Easily shop for your significant other

GoRomeo is a mobile application to help men more easily and efficiently shop for their significant other.

With the help of your personal shopper

Let Juliet, our algorithmically designed personal shopper, learn her tastes and guide you through a quick and effective shopping experience.

Handpicked items

Our universe of products, handpicked by our fashion gurus to be current and fashionable, are sure to make your girl happy!

Ready to discover great gifts?

Ready to discover great gifts?

App Features

App Features


Juliet is a complex, dynamically learning algorithm designed to build an understanding of your woman’s tastes and provide you with the most suitable gifting options.

Juliet learns from each product swipe and sources information from connected accounts and peer group swiping activity to learn at an even more accelerated rate!

Hand selected products

GoRomeo’s entire product universe is hand selected by our Fashion Gurus. Our Gurus are seasoned fashion industry professionals who pour through thousands of brands and products each month to bring GoRomeo the best quality, the best trends, and the most unique gifts available.

Connected profiles

GoRomeo enables you to connect with your significant other’s profile.  In doing so, Juliet will learn faster, offer more suitable gifting options, and even allow you to validate gift considerations by secretly dropping items into her product feed!

Romeo reminders

Let GoRomeo remind you of all your important gifting dates through Romeo Reminders! Days in advance of all standard holiday dates as well as your own custom birthday, anniversary, etc.. dates, Romeo Reminders will alert you of the approaching big day.

Ready to discover great gifts?

Ready to discover great gifts?